Thursday, September 12, 2013

Congratulations Jamie and Sarah

Jamie and Sarah's story to get to their sweet baby girl has been a good one. A hard one. A long one. And one with God's fingerprints all over it.

I often have the conversation with my families who tell me adoption has one of the greatest impacts on their faith than anything else they've been through in life. For Jamie and Sarah it was no different.

When they began this journey about a year ago, none of us could have anticipated the hard decisions they would face in the midst of waiting on God to grow their family through adoption. In the midst of it, there was never a "no" in their hearts.

Their full and complete "yes" was always on the table for God to do with what he wanted.

Yes - we will step into the unknown.

Yes - we will take the risks involved.

Yes - we will love without reservation when we don't know the outcome.

God answered their "yes" in powerful ways throughout their entire adoption journey. And two days ago, their daughter was born.

Her name means "God has answered."  Sarah explained to me today: 
When we asked the Lord whether this is what he had called us to, he has answered.
When we asked him for help, he answered.
When we asked for clarity and discernment, he answered.
Not because he said yes, but because he is enough.
And he answered that he will always be enough for her.

It's been an honor to walk with this family. To watch as they waited for God's perfect timing. To pray with them as they agonized through tough decisions. To listen as they taught their boys the beauty of adoption. To admire the way they honored their birth mama.

And especially to celebrate the birth of their daughter with them.

I'm thankful God can take our small "yeses" and do miracles like this with them.

And I'm so thankful he always answers.

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