Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Congratulations Ryan and Kaitlin

I met Ryan and Kaitlin this spring in a coffee shop. Over coffee they talked about how they felt like everything had come together for them; a great marriage, fulfilling careers, a wonderful family. But there was one missing piece: they were longing for a child and ready to add parenthood to the list.  

So they dove in. They began their home study, I created their profile, and they were excited at the prospect of growing their family through adoption. Within months they were ready to be matched.

Almost four months to the day they began with Christian Adoption Consultants, they were presented to a birth mother. Just hours later, she went into labor and delivered a boy.

While the rest of us were prepping for barbecues, festivals, and enjoying the last bits of summer, Ryan and Kaitlin hopped the first flight they could get to meet their son.  

Kaitlin later told me that she had a feeling about this birth mama and baby and found out later she had the same feeling about them. "Ryan and I both knew it was fate from the minute we saw the birth mom's information. She said she felt the same when she saw our profile!"

Congratulations Ryan and Kaitlin! I'm thrilled that your future Labor Day weekends will include birthday parties of this sweet little guy.

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