Monday, September 30, 2013

Congratulations Sam and Lesly

This sweet girl will have an amazing story to tell someday about her life. I'll leave all of the details and miracles for her and her family to share in their time, but for now, I can tell you the beginning...

Sam and Lesly began working with me in March of this year. Throughout the summer they were presented several different times to several different birth moms, but none seemed to be the perfect match. In mid-July, I sent them the story of a young birth mama in need of an adoptive family. (To be honest, it's the kind of story I won't forget.) When I emailed Lesly that day, I admitted that I knew some of the logistics might not be a fit for them, but I felt strongly that I was supposed to let them know about this birth mother. With the details being a real issue, Sam and Lesly decided not to be presented but committed to praying for this sweet birth mama and her baby.

Several weeks went by and I got an email from the agency that the same birth mama was still in need of a family. Still feeling strongly that this might be Sam and Lesly's baby and knowing that they had been praying, I emailed Lesly again. This time, she called me within minutes.

"Susan, we've been praying for this birth mama and her little one since you emailed us the first time. Sam feels like this is our daughter. We're in!"  Lesly shared that they hadn't been able to think of much else the past several weeks. 

This time, logistics took a back seat, and they moved forward with confidence and faith that God was doing something bigger than their finances or their fears.

And he was doing something amazing.

In the coming days Sam and Lesly were chosen by this birth mama and developed a beautiful relationship with her. They have been able to offer her hope, encouragement, and healing. 

And last week, their precious daughter was born.

I've loved getting pictures, calls, and text updates from Lesly who is reveling in the goodness of God that this is their story.

And it's just the beginning of the story for their daughter. The beautiful girl with soft brown curls and big brown eyes who will someday hear how she came to be in her forever family. About her birth mother who lived a tremendous amount of life in a few short years and is a picture of strength, courage, and determination. About her parents who were chosen before they even knew of her to be her mommy and daddy. 

And about a God who sovereignly put all of the pieces together to create a beautiful picture of hope and redemption.  

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