Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Congratulations Sam and Sophia

Sam and Sophia began the journey to grow their family almost two years ago. It was born in their hearts early on to adopt and they began the process for international adoption. But this spring, it looked like God was rerouting them to domestic adoption. After much prayer and consideration, they called me in June. I remember surprising Sophia when I told her how quickly the process could move. It took a few weeks for Sam and Sophia to change course in their adoption plans and begin a different path than they had planned.

But the whole time, God knew what he was doing. And his timing was perfect.

Sam and Sophia began with Christian Adoption Consultants in July and in 2 months, were matched with a birth family. Just days later, they were hopping a flight to be there for delivery.

Last week Sam and Sophia became a family of three and added this sweet girl to their family.

Of course, just like every family's story, there is much that happened in the in between. In the waiting, the praying, the dreaming, and the hoping. Their daughter's story is a good one.

It's a story of answered prayers.

Of courage displayed.

Of hopes fulfilled.

Of worthwhile waiting.

And God's great redemption story on display.

Congrats Sam and Sophia. It's been a joy to pray and wait with you. 

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