Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Isabelle and Jillian's Birthday Art Expo

This year, Isabelle and her bestie, Jillian, decided to do a joint birthday party since their birthdays are 3 days apart. Since they are smitten with the American Girl, Saige and all things art, we decided to throw them their own Birthday Art Expo in honor of turning 8. 
I'm honestly not sure who had more fun, the girls at the party or the mamas in planning it. God bless Pinterest and Gretchen for her spiritual gift of party planning.

The main event of the art expo was an art class. In the movie, Saige's grandmother, Mimi, is an artist and teaches her to paint. We were blessed to have Jillian's Mimi, an artist, come and teach the girls to paint on canvas. They soaked it up AND there were no tears. Win.

The menu? Art pallet cookies (the paint being M&Ms), rainbow fruit cabobs, pretzel "paint brushes" (dipped in colored chocolate), and Saige's "balloons"; Babybel and sharp cheddar cheese.

The girls even designed their cake with their own artwork!

The girls brought their American Girl dolls (yes, there's Jack's pirate Lalaloopsy Doll in there too). The dolls had a tea party while the girls partied.

We set up a hot air balloon photo booth where we took all the girls pics individually that they were able to go home with. Along with their favor of a paint can filled with mini paints and other art supplies. One of the girls sweet friends designed and made each of the girls a "genuine" Saige outfit. There was much celebration (jumping and squealing) when they opened that gift.

In the end we created some artwork, ate yummy snacks, and made lots of sweet memories.

Also, I have no idea how we're topping it next year.


  1. Such a cute party and cute girls!

  2. Those girls are so cute! What great Mamas you are!

  3. OMG!!!! I am soooo copying this entire party!! My DD LOVES art and her Saige doll! and HER Best Friend also has Saige. Doing a May Birthday. (hers in July but everyone is always away. Was going to go to expensive place but going to talk her into this instead!!!!

    1. Kathy - wonderful! So glad you were able to find some ideas that will work for you too - good luck!


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