Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog Redesign!

After a year and a half of my sad attempt at creating my own blog, I'm thrilled today to unveil my new blog design! 

One of my clients (turned sweet friend) Amanda is currently using her savvy graphic design skills to raise money for their adoption. So I get a new blog design and got to help with their daughter joining their family later this summer. Win-win.

From the beginning, I was incredibly impressed with Amanda’s professionalism and ability to make my ideas literally appear on my screen.  She was easy to work with and was ever so patient with my (Type A) requests.  At this point she deserves sainthood. 

I mean really. She turned this: 

Into what you see now!

I’m thrilled with the outcome of the design and love the simple elements she’s added to make the site look more like me and easier to navigate.

Take some time to look around here, then head over to Manda Julaine Designs!

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