Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Snapshots of Easter

So I know I'm late to the party posting about our Easter (welcome to my life for the next several weeks - you will enjoy everything at least a week or two after it happened.) 

Our family headed Downtown for Easter. In an effort to unite the our church family under one roof, Redeemer gathered at the Kansas City Convention Center to celebrate the glorious reality that Jesus really is alive. Insert what's becoming the traditional picture for all Redeemer families that morning here.

And this classic picture is the best we could get of all the Kramp and VanSyckle kiddos together. (Side bar: if you've followed me for long you know this clan is very dear to us and the closest thing you can get to family without actually being blood related. Jillian hollered for all the kids to come take the picture and called for the "Krampsyckles." Also thrown around: The VanKramps if we ever want to begin travelling and singing together. And so a new hashtag is born...)

The Easter Bunny amped up his game this year with a full on scavenger hunt complete with clues and puzzles for the kids to find their Easter baskets.

And of course we dyed Easter eggs and are on week two of egg salad. You'll note Jack's sports stickers compared to Isabelle's theological declarations on their eggs.

But this picture is way more that the obligatory Easter Family Picture (that-must-be-taken-every-year-so-help-me-you-will-smile-and-make-a-lovely-memory-children). Easter this year was a big deal for our family. God has been doing some amazing, redemptive, and healing work in our lives.

So often growing up, Easter would be about donning a new Sunday dress, a nice dinner, and a huge chocolate bunny. Of course Jesus was thrown in there (he died, he rose, let's celebrate!), but Easter is now everything. The reality that Jesus lived the life I should have lived, died the death I should have died, and is now alive is the good news and truth that changes everything and transforms our lives.

And this truth was especially real this year. When our need for Jesus has been so desperate. When the reality that he comes to heal the sick, redeem the lost, and restore the broken  is something we pray for everyday. When we come face to face with our true need for him, not just in our Sunday best but in the muck and mire of our sin and brokenness...that is when Easter becomes a real celebration.

So this year we celebrated the good news of Easter. News that's way better than a new dress and a glazed ham for dinner. 

Jesus rose from the dead. And he still brings dead things to life.

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