Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Congratulations Tracy and Kristen

Tracy and Kristen began in Christian Adoption Consultants in February. They were match two months later. Then just a week after that this sweet baby joined their family. Just 10 weeks!

Before starting with CAC, Tracy and Kristen had been in the adoption process awhile. Just days before they were matched, Kristen had shared how weary and tiresome the adoption journey can be and I sent her this email:

This I do know though. God's plan is good. He is faithful. You can trust him with your sweet someday baby. And he will be enough when you are tired. Praying for you today!

Little did we know in those moments that in less than two weeks, their son would be in their arms.

In God's amazing providence, when they found out about this little one, their expectant mother lived just a few miles away from them. God's timing was perfect and the long journey was worth it.

Photo above courtesy of Jaci Forshtay Photography

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