Thursday, May 15, 2014

Congratulations Eric and Tricia

Eric and Tricia have had a unique adoption experience from the very beginning. They began their journey to adopt in Thailand where they serve as missionaries with their two little ones. Knowing that God called them to domestic adoption but unsure how to go about the process while they were overseas, they called Christian Adoption Consultants to see if it was even possible. Could they adopt from the U.S. while on furlough for a short season? 

The questions kept building...

Could they complete a home study while in Thailand?
Would they be able to afford an adoption as missionaries?
Could the adoption happen in the short time frame they had while still in the States?

The short answer was "yes." I've helped families overseas (serving in the military or as missionaries) in the adoption process before. So through Skype calls we began their adoption journey together. They completed a home study in Thailand and later arrived on U.S. soil and worked to finance their adoption. Then the real wait began.

But too quickly time was running out. The clock was ticking for them to return home and still there was no adoption; no baby. I talked to Tricia on a Monday, when the discouragement was setting in and it looked like they would need to begin talking about returning to Thailand without a baby. We talked of God's faithfulness and perfect timing. We talked about God's sovereignty. But we were both unsure; how would God make it all work?

Luckily, our God is good at the impossible.

The next day Eric and Tricia heard about a baby due a month later. They decided they wanted the birth mama to see their profile. Friday Eric and Tricia got the call; they had been chosen. AND their son had been born that day. There had been a mix up in due dates and their sweet son was waiting for them. They immediately packed up their family of four (soon to be five) and traveled to meet their son. What a difference a few days made!

In the end, God had all the answers to the questions. He had perfect timing. And he made the seemingly impossible possible.

Congrats, Eric and Tricia on your son. Impossible dreams are the best ones when they're fulfilled.

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