Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Congratulations Maurice and Kim

Maurice and Kim started with Christian Adoption Consultants at the end of February. I was able to help them locate a home study agency and they dove into the adoption process. Just three weeks later as they were waiting for their home study to be completed, they heard about an expectant mom. Maurice and Kim seemed to be a perfect fit but they held their breath, knowing this could just be first possibility and the beginning of a long wait.

But just four weeks after they started the adoption process, they were matched. They switched gears from completing their home study to preparing for the arrival of a little one and investing in a relationship with their expectant mom.

And 5 weeks after that they welcomed another son into their family.

It's always such an honor to have a front row seat to see how God creates families through adoption.

I've watched as Maurice and Kim dove head first into the adoption process willing to do the hard work of filling out paperwork and investing their finances. I've seens how Maurice and Kim have worked to build a relationship with their birth mother, wanting to honor her role in their son's life. And I get to see updates as their new family of four were home to celebrate Easter and have plans to celebrate Mother's Day in a very special way this year with a very special birth mother.

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