Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daddy Daughter Beach Ball

If anyone remembers last year, there was a Daddy Daughter Dance that never happened. Although clearly my brother is a rock star, I wasn't about to let that happen again so I was put in charge of the whole thing (actually, those two events are completely unrelated).

Isabelle's school has an annual Daddy Daughter Dance that's become eagerly anticipated by all the girls in elementary and middle school. I worked with an amazing committee all year to transform a local church gym into a "Beach Ball" for this year's event. It was hosted by "Frankie and Annette" complete with a DJ, dance instructor, tiki snack bar, and even a synchronized swimming routine by some of the dads. 

There's something magical that happens when you host such a special event for daddies and their daughters. Watching them dance and laugh and be silly; enjoying each other and creating memories that will be tucked down deep into hearts for years. It was so magical that you could find some of the mamas weeping into their little mocktails with umbrellas at various points during the evening.

At one point during the night, I caught a special moment between Jamy and Isabelle. They were slow dancing and Jamy had picked her off the ground for a hug; him with tears in his eyes and her with a huge smile on her face (now I'm included with the other weepy mamas). 

Our family is incredibly blessed that our kids go to a school that not only sees the value in events like these, but creates a student body where celebration is a natural overflow of our community as a school family. It's not just our kids who are making friendship I pray will last a lifetime, but we are too.

My team who worked all year to put on this amazing event (side note: don't wear green if posing in front of a green screen - it makes for some awkward pictures).

Until next year...

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