Thursday, May 8, 2014

What I Do

I recently had a friend tell me I have her dream job. I smiled, wanting to be humble but silently agreeing wholeheartedly with her. When I started a career after college, I had no idea what God had in store for me.

As an adoption consultant, it's my job to walk with families on their journey to adoption by offering education, guidance, support, and counsel. Someone once called me a wedding coordinator for adoptions and they're not too far off. I help families find the best fit for them when it comes to finding an good agency that provides excellent services (for them and the birth family), identifying an ethical attorney, working through openness issues with the birth family, and navigating the complex adoption process.

I partner with adoptive families for the entirety of their adoption: starting with the home study and sometimes for years afterwards. I'm blessed that these families are not just my clients, but become dear friends. We've even started to gather for yearly family reunions. I watch in awe as they pray, wait, dream, and work to answer the call they have to adopt. We pray together for birth mamas and babies. We laugh together at God's crazy timing and overwhelming faithfulness.

My desk full of some of my favorite faces

Not only does my job allow me to serve other families, it allows me to serve my own. I work from home at my dining room table (or near a fireplace at Panera) balancing phone calls, emails, and laundry. I get to be a mama available for field trips and sick days and can meet up with my husband for a lunch date.

Honestly, my job isn't picture perfect. Although I get to make the call that a family has been chosen and celebrate adoption finalizations, I also cry with my families when there's heartbreak and loss. Adoption is always bittersweet. 

But working as an adoption consultant goes far beyond a killer flexible schedule, an Instagram feed full of sweet baby faces, or even helping create families through adoption.

On a small scale, I'm partnering with God and his redemptive and healing work.

I get to see his faithfulness on a grand scale as he does miracles through timing and finances and babies.

Couples are answering his call to adopt. Families are created. Birth families are loved. Children find homes. 

I do have a dream job. But only because God's doing the work. I just get a front row seat to watch it all unfold in front of me.

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