Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adoption Story: Brian and Karen

This is a story I’ve been waiting to tell for a long time!

Brian and Karen’s story is actually full of waiting.

Brain and Karen always knew God would make them parents, they just didn’t realize his plan for accomplishing this would be different than what they originally thought. They had both wanted for children as long as they could remember. But the wait to become parents was unexpected and hard. After watching friends adopt with my help, they started with Christian Adoption Consultants just before the new year last year. 

This is where God surprised them: their home study was completed in March and just two months later, they were matched with an expectant mama, due just a few weeks later.

They knew, as soon as this little bundle was placed in their arms, that she was their daughter. This sweet girl was meant to make them a family of three and the answer to years of prayers.

But the wait continued as legal issues were worked out. It was during these months that Brian and Karen never wavered in trusting God’s plan for their family, trusting this girl was always meant to be their daughter, and trusting that the waiting would be worth it. I loved watching as they were staunch in their faith and their hope that God would be faithful to his promise to their family.

And last month, Brian and Karen stood before a judge and were declared forever and always the parents of their daughter.

In the end, all the heartache, all the prayers, all the waiting; all worth it.

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