Monday, January 12, 2015

Adoption Story: John and Claudia

This winter has already been a busy one; so much so that I still have families to congratulate from before the holidays!

John and Claudia were eager to adopt. They have a beautiful son and knew that adoption was the way to continue to grow their family. They have a happy home and a lot of love to give and were excited about the addition of a little one.

They started with Christian Adoption Consultants in March. Months went by and no situation seemed like the best fit for their family; the timing wasn’t right, the circumstances weren’t right, or for some reason or other it wasn’t a match. 

During these times of waiting, it’s easy for discouragement to set in. Did God really call us to adoption? Is this really the best way to grow our family? Do we need to go another route? What if this never happens for us?

But God is always faithful to families he has called to adopt. I have yet to work with a family where God’s timing wasn’t perfect and He wasn’t faithful to bring His plans to completion.

In October John and Claudia heard about brave birth parents looking for an adoptive family for their son. Something stirred in Claudia’s heart and they decided to be presented to the couple. Days later I had the chance to call Claudia and tell her God’s timing was perfect; they had been chosen to be a little boy’s parents.

This sweet little guy joined their family (and a very proud big brother) just a few weeks later.

Adoption can be full of wondering and waiting. But God’s timing is perfect. His plans are better. And the way he creates families is always beautiful.

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