Monday, January 19, 2015

Adoption Story: Kevin and Lindsey

Sometimes, God's timing is so staggering it's astounding. I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore at the way he works, but I still get blown away often.  

Kevin and Lindsey's story is one that can only be explained by God's miraculous intervention and timing.

Although they had been on their adoption journey for awhile, they started with Christian Adoption Consultants on a Monday. That same day a little boy was born who needed a forever family. The next Monday, Kevin and Lindsey were contacted about him. And within weeks he was placed with them.

A little guy needed a family. And in the same moments he was being born God was orchestrating all of the movements of the couple that would be his parents.

Kevin and Lindsey's story is a good reminder that God's timing is always perfect. The wait is always worth it. And even when it looks like nothing is happening, God is always at work.

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