Friday, January 16, 2015

Adoption Story: Matt and JJ

Matt and JJ knew they always wanted a house full of children. With large and loving extended families, they wanted to create a home where their own children were loved, nourished, and pursued. After having two biological children and adopting a third, they knew that their home still had room for more. So early this year, Matt and JJ started their journey towards adopting number 4. 

They started with Christian Adoption Consultants in January and began their home study. In June they were approved and just weeks later, heard about an expectant mother who was looking to make an adoption plan. A brave woman who was searching for just the right family to raise her daughter.

It turns out, Matt, JJ, and their three children were the perfect fit.

This beautiful girl was born in the fall.

She was pursued long before she was born.

And I'm confident Matt, JJ, and her doting older siblings will love this sweet girl in a home where she is nourished and cherished all her days.

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