Thursday, January 22, 2015


I've been a little quiet lately on the blog regarding the home front. Mostly because there has been a huge baby boom with Christian Adoption Consultants, but not because nothing's happening with with our tribe.

Namely, we're pretty good about breaking bones around here. Last week I got a call from school that there had been a collusion between some kids during PE and Isabelle had fallen and was having some wrist pain. We landed a few hours later at the children's hospital emergency department. Bella was thrilled about this since she got to see Daddy at work (I would much prefer a preplanned lunch date if you ask me...)

After an inconclusive x-ray and a splint, we were sent home, with a follow up appointment with a pediatric orthopedic specialist today. The concern is that she has a broken hand or wrist, but the kind of fracture she likely has isn't apparent for over two weeks after the injury. So, we have another follow up for x-rays that will hopefully tell us exactly what's going on and if we're looking at more casting or surgery in the future. For now, Isabelle is thrilled with her tie-dyed cast her friends get to sign.

So, after all of this, we have now racked up four broken bones between the kids (Jackson:2, Isabelle: 2). And if you include me, five. Everything from monkey bar fiascosskating parties gone bad, and playground mishaps.

Actually, if you think of it, say a prayer for me as well. I broke my heel last August on a run. After seeing two specialists and undergoing pretty intensive physical therapy, things aren't looking great. After being immobile and in a boot for so long, I have literally lost the connections in my brain to walk correctly (apparently that's a thing). If you see me around, I'm walking. But not heel to toe and not without pain. There is talk of "long term disability" and never being able to run again. We're praying for divine wisdom for next steps and God's miraculous intervention and healing if you want to join us.

I'm also praying for less exciting blog updates around here. Or at least ones that don't involve medical intervention.

P.S. Do you think they offer punch cards at Children's Mercy?

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