Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adoption Story: Ben and Dee

I had to make a work call on Christmas Eve last year. But admittedly, it was one I didn't mind making at all...

Ben and Dee had started with Christian Adoption Consultants just five weeks before then. The week before Christmas Ben and Dee decided to present to an expectant mother. A young woman looking for a family who could love her son and give him what she couldn't at this point in her life.

On December 23rd, Dee shared with me that she was hoping for a "Christmas Miracle" and hoping to hear they were chosen by this expectant mother. Less than 24 hours later, on Christmas Eve, I called Dee to let her know that they had been chosen. 

They had been chosen to parent this little one.

They had been chosen to be his mommy and daddy.

They had been chosen to be his forever family.

And Dee had her Christmas miracle.

For Christmas, they gave their daughter and extended family members the news that they would be parents for a second time.

Three months later, their son was born. Their miracle baby came home to this crowd at the airport welcoming him home. 

Photo credit Brooke Kelly Photography

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