Thursday, April 30, 2015

Basketball Bash

This is probably the last themed party that happens around our place. As the kids get bigger, I know my time is limited when I can scour Pinterest for cute ideas and pull off pirate parties, pancakes and pajamas, art expo, or book themed birthdays.

So when your boy is turning eight and into sports, a basketball bash is the perfect fit. This one has been the easiest by far. He got a basketball goal as a gift from us this year so we double dipped the gift and party.

I fell in love with these cute invites I found at SIMONEmadeit. Tickets to the party were delivered to classmates and friends.

My mom made this awesome scoreboard that we had printed as an engineer print on the cheap to hang in the dining room and outside. The boys each got a water bottle from the dollar store filled with bubble gum and a little basketball bracelet and bouncy ball.

The menu was simple. Popcorn, pigs in a blanket, mandarin oranges made to look like basketballs, and orange Gatorade. We had the cake specially made at the local grocery store from a pic I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately the dog got to some of the cupcakes before the boys did.

Of course most of the party was filled mostly with the boys playing basketball. Playing a game refed by Jamy, knockout, and even taking turns "dunking" (with the help of a daddy). The boys also loved watching a few videos by the Dunking Devils.

Jackson was in heaven. It was fun to watch him in his element with all his buddies. Now excuse me while I mourn that my baby is eight...

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