Monday, April 13, 2015

Adoption Story: Ryan and Lisa

Ryan and Lisa started with Christian Adoption Consultants last summer. They had already been on the adoption journey for a while and had dealt with one adoption falling through. After this heartbreaking loss, Ryan and Lisa changed course and contacted me.

For six months, Ryan and Lisa heard about possible situations; expectant mothers looking to make adoption plans for their babies. Each one they pored and prayed over, wondering if this was the little one that God had for their family.

It wasn't until February that they heard about an expectant mother, due any day, that it seemed like all was lining up for their family. Thursday night they had a phone call with her and were chosen and on Friday morning, their son was born.

Admittedly the drive to another state to the hospital to meet their son was a long one. Exactly one year before they had made a similar drive, but had come home with empty arms. In God's sovereignty, this time, they wouldn't leave empty handed.

Several days later Ryan sent me this message:

We just want to thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are so thankful that our prayers have been answered with Davis joining our family. I know we were getting impatient and wondering if this adoption thing would EVER happen for us. You (and everyone else) kept telling us that everything was leading to the baby that He has chosen for us. Everything did lead to Davis being our baby. One of the reasons she chose us was because we had a failed adoption. So, if we had not had that failed adoption then we would probably not have Davis...Lisa and I still look at each other and actually say out actually happened, we adopted a baby!...We feel great about our relationship with the birth family and feel blessed to be chosen by Him to take care of this awesome little boy!! Thanks again for everything!!

I'm so thankful this sweet little boy is in their family. It's amazing how God wrote their story and brought His exact plan after such tremendous loss. 

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