Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend Update

Time for the obligatory Easter mom blog post with family pictures and Easter baskets. But this year it includes a surgery on Good Friday, gardening, a meal shared with friends, and a soccer game. All the classic and traditional things Easter is made of...

Months after Isabelle's original wrist injury in January, we finally figured out that rather than a broken wrist, she did damage to her tendons that required surgery. So Friday morning we headed to Children's Mercy for an easy wrist repair surgery. (PS - I think when it's your own kiddo "easy," "routine," and "surgery" just don't quite go together no matter how true it is.)

Bella came through like a champ and we laid low all day Friday and Saturday recovering. While the girls watched a 19 Kids and Counting marathon (Michelle Duggar happens to be my mom hero), the boys started planting our garden.

The garden is a whole other story (or blog, or...issue). Jamy has wanted a garden for years. The problem is that neither of us has ever planted anything in our lives. (Actually, once in elementary school for Mother's Day I'm sure I gave my mom a planted geranium but I don't think that counts.) But Jamy was thrilled with the idea of harvesting his own fresh herbs and veggies for salsa. So when he talked about maybe putting a garden in our backyard last year we also paired that with the reality of needing to be good at things like weeding and watering and decided against it. Commitment to dirt in our yard with seeds just wasn't a high priority.  Enter buying a house complete with raised garden beds and scarecrow and now we have to be committed. So Jamy spent a good part of Saturday spending crazy amounts of money and time on seeds and seedlings we're praying someday turn into actual food...

Sunday was filled with church, scavenger hunts for Easter baskets, and an amazing lunch with our dearest friends. And then our crew went to our first Sporting KC game (Kansas City's pro soccer team). I honestly didn't know we were stepping into a stadium with it's own culture. The night was filled with singing, chanting, fireworks, confetti, and lots of screaming. It was the best professional game I've ever been to (and I know nothing about soccer).

Admittedly this Lenten season has been way more fast-paced and filled with busyness than usual. But this weekend and especially Easter was an incredible reminder of God breaking in to our brokenness to free us from everything. Instead of our weekend filled with quietness and reflection, it was filled with the hospital, chores outside, and time spent with each other: the stuff life is often made of. I'm thankful God met us there too.

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