Friday, April 3, 2015

It's Friday

Easter this year holds some new meaning for us. This time last year, Jamy was still gone. Easter Sunday was literally the first day we had all been together as a family since before Thanksgiving the year before.

I remember sitting in that reality on Good Friday a year ago today. God had just begun moving in huge ways. But there was still tremendous work to do. Unsure of the future, weary of the journey, and ready for God to do a miracle. the reality of Good Friday resonated with me in a new way. I needed Sunday to come in the most desperate way. 

And if we're honest, we've all been in that space. When we need hope like we need air to breath. When we need God to step in and heal the brokenness. When we need God to literally bring dead things to life.

It's the best worst day. Good Friday promises that God sent a Savior to step into our brokenness to redeem and rescue us.

When hope is lost.

When you are defeated.

When death wins.

God promises Sunday's comin'.

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